Network Upgrades

Technical upgrades are made periodically to the Ethereum protocol. Upgrades typically comprise of Core Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) that have achieved consensus across the Ethereum clients & community.
The Ethereum Cat Herders supports network upgrade activity in a number of ways:
- Organising proposal & upgrades specific community calls
- Documenting client Meetings
- Socialize proposals and build educational resources through the Peep an EIP video series
- Outreaching Ethereum projects & infrastructure providers to weigh-in community sentiments for improvement proposals
- Process improvement and communication
In the section below you can find more information on past and upcoming network upgrades.

Altair Upgrade

This is the first planned network upgrade for the Beacon chain (Ethereum 2.0). It is already activated on the Prater testnet. Follow the consensus monitor shared by Alex Stokes.
  • Mainnet upgrade date - Wednesday, 27th of October
  • Planned for epoch - 74240
  • Expected time - 10:56:23 UTC
  • Ethereum Foundation's Altair Mainnet Announcement


PEEPanEIP recordings
  • Altair Beacon chain upgrade with Vitalik and Danny
  • Altair - Accounting reform with Alex Stokes
  • Altair in Teku with Adrian Sutton
  • Altair upgrade & roadmap (Prysm) with Raul Jordan & Terence
  • Beacon chain metrics & benchmarking with Parithosh & Leonardo
  • A Brief History of Ethereum's Future with Ben Edgington
  • Client Specs

    Client Version Number Release Link
    Lighthouse v2.0.0 Release
    Lodestar v0.31.0 Release
    Nimbus v1.5.1 Release
    Prysm v2.0.0 Release
    Teku 21.9.2 Release

    Arrow Glacier

    This is a planned upgrade to delay the difficulty bomb to be noticeable in May 2022.
    It is expected in December 2021 with deploying the EIP-4345: Difficulty Bomb Delay to May 2022 on the Ethereum mainnet.
    Authors Tim Beiko & James Hancock propose the difficulty bomb to push to 10,500,000 blocks later than the actual block number. It is targeting for the Shanghai upgrade and/or the Merge to occur before May 2022. Either the bomb can be readjusted at that time, or removed altogether.
    To understand how “Difficulty bomb” works in Ethereum blockchain, follow the recording of PEEPanEIP #39: Difficulty bomb & EIP-3554 with James Hancock
    The network upgrade progress tracker helps with keeping track of improvement proposals in different phases of network upgrade. Clients' development and integration can be followed on the latest version of the developer's testnet. Read Shedding light on the Ethereum Network Upgrade Process for more information

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